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MWC’s Greater Washington DC Area office stands on its merit in building a positive and consistent relationship within the community, including all races, ethnicities and faith traditions. Our work is based on compassion and respect for all humanity. Our volunteers are committed to educating everyone about the beauty of Islam through the true Islamic principles of Ihsan: the perfection of one’s character.


Greater Washington, DC Area Office Goals…


"MWC is a model of what happens when people let religion act as a force for unity rather than a source for conflict..."
"...A great source of positive energy for me!"
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Upcoming & Recent Events

MWC Ramadan Basket Project 2013 Newsletter
“A Labor of Love”
Dear all, MWC‘s Greater Washington DC Office has assisted the needy since 2002 in a variety of programs (Women’s Rights, Youth, Civic Engagement, Interfaith and Cultural interaction and our Outreach programs to assist the needy Nationally and Internationally), but the annual MWC Ramadan Basket Project is by far the most “popular” amongst our wide circle of friends, supporters and donors in our area because they see the need to give back to the community they live in and especially to the abused women and children in the shelters.  Please view this newsletter and get back to us with your comments.  Although we wanted to include the names of our donors but most have wanted to stay as our silent partners.  Kindly let us know if you need our 501 c3 code for IRS purposes.  We wanted to give special thanks to all our friends from the interfaith community who gave generously.

Click here to download the 2013 Ramadan Basket Project Newsletter!


2012 Ramadan Basket Project

Please join Muslim Women’s Coalition (MWC) Greater Washington DC Area Office in serving and remembering the needy in the area’s abused women’s shelters and homeless shelters during this month of blessings.  Every year our volunteers make Ramadan Baskets according to MWC guidelines and deliver them to Doorways for Women and Families in Arlington County, LAWS in Loudon County, The Arlington-Alexandria Coalition for the Homeless (AACH),  and the Abused Women’s Program in Montgomery County.  In 2011, MWC served 95 families in our community with your help!  This year we hope to also serve 8 Iraqi families in Fairfax in addition to the clients in the four shelters.  Our goal is to help approximately 100 families this year. Pictures of previous year's projects are available on our Facebook page!  [Read more and get involved ...]


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A Spiritual Path of Self-Awareness:
The History, Theory and Practice of Sufism in Islam

A MWC Young Professional Muslim Women’s Event with Distinguished Guest Speakers:

 Dr. Hedieh Mirahmadi, JD
President, World Organization for Resource Development and Education (WORDE)

Sunday, April 29, 2012 – at 1:00pm
6644 Tansey Drive, Falls Church, VA, 22042

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 MWC Appeal for Sending Humanitarian Relief to Somalia

It has been reported that over 11 million people are now affected by severe drought and famine in the Horn of Africa and these numbers may increase if sufficient help does not reach them in time.  Parts of southern Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia are also now facing similar grave conditions.  Lack of rains, internal conflicts and record high food prices have dislodged millions from their home in search of food and safety.  

Muslim Women's Coalition is assisting ARC Society in providing relief to the displaced women and children and their families in Somalia.   ARC Society has a strong leadership and history in providing relief on target and in the right hands - with almost no overhead costs.  In the Somalian Relief Project, ARC Society is working closely with the newly elected President of the State of Udubland, Ibrahim Abdullahi Addo to ensure that humanitarian aid reaches those in need efficiently.   Please view the ARC Society attachment or visit ARC Society:

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9/11: A Reflection on the 10th Anniversary
A Statement from MWC

Our world changed forever on the morning of 9/11 with the tragedy that not only jolted US citizens, but the entire global community beyond comparison.   In many fearful ways it polarized nations against each other. At the same time however, 9/11 also catapulted humanity in search for ultimate peace in the 21st century. 

To make the world a safer place and to show compassion in action, Muslim Women's Coalition (MWC) was formed right after the unthinkable tragedy of 9/11.  From its inception Muslim women under the banner of MWC were determined to demonstrate to others in their community about the beauty of Islam.  “Service to mankind is service to God” became MWC’s motto. In addition, Love, Peace & Hope became guiding principles in our annual Day of Prayers, an annual event that brings women of different faith traditions to pray together and find common ground that strengthens their own unique spirituality. 

Today, ten years later on the anniversary of 9/11 tragedy, MWC asks you to join us in a Day of Prayers and contemplation for a safer, more loving world for our generations. Send us a prayer, a poem or your thoughts in memory of this historic day and we will post it on our website.

Light candle in the honor of the victims and find solace in a moment of silence, holding positive thoughts for all mankind and living creatures.

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Newsletter added from the 2011 Ramadan Basket project
Newsletter added from the 2010 Ramadan Basket project

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Updated information about our Aid for Afghan Refugees and Internally Displaced People Program is moved to our International Relief Work page, in our Community Outreach section under “activities


Pictures added of the 2008 Inova Teen Basket project!


Pictures added from the 2008 Ramadan Basket Project!



Video from our 2009 Mawlud, celebration of the Prophet Muhammad’s (peace and blessings be upon him; PBUH) birthday.


Pictures and summary of the MWC Women's Wellbeing Series on Depression.
Did you know that MWC is a member of Women Thrive Worldwide, an organization that advocates empowering women? Find out what other organizations our local office is involved in in our About Us section!



New slideshows added to our Education & Interfaith pages! View the MWC videos of artwork by Sadequain, the famous Pakistani caligrapher and painter, along with artwork by young Iranian artists from the "Wishes and Dreams" exhibition.



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