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Toward Reconciliation hosts Dr. Shamim at Columbia University

On November 9th, 2006 a Columbia University student group, Toward Reconciliation held a symposium on religion and ethnicity called "Defining Identity: Minorities within Judaism and Islam."  Dr. Shamim of the MWC and Dr. Isaac, a professor at Princeton University were the guest speakers who discussed their individual experiences as an Indian, Muslim woman and an Ethiopian, Yeminite Jewish man.  The event was cosponsored by Columbia's Muslim Student Association, Va'ad and Hillel Religious Life.   Dr. Shamim and Dr. Isaac spoke to Columbia students and answered questions about reaching understanding among different groups.



Dr. Shamim and Dr. Isaac answer questions

Dr. Isaac, an Ethiopian, Yemenite Jewish professor at Princeton University

Dr. Shamim talks about her Islamic spirituality and her work for the MWC

Dr. Shamim with Dr. Isaac and Liat Blum, president of Toward Reconciliation

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