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Aid for Afghan Refugees and Internally Displaced People


In Spring 2009, MWC helped the Asia America Initiative (AAI) with raising money for Afghan refugees and internally displaced persons or IDPs, most of which are women and children. Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to raise more than $2500.00 from Washington DC Area in a short period of time, which helped bring MWC’s grand total of funds collected to over $4000.00.   Thank you for helping MWC and Asia America Initiative in this endeavor. 


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Photo credit- National Geographic - A Muslim woman prays in a refugee camp in Bande Ache

Tsunami Relief in Indonesia

In December 2004, a major earthquake followed by a tsunami hit Asia and Africa, devastating many coastal areas. Almost 200,000 people in eight countries perished in a few hours, and over 100,000 were reported missing. Many more had their homes and livelihoods swept away. The coastal areas of Indonesia and Sri Lanka and two Indian island chains bore the brunt of the calamity. They required significant repair and reconstruction.

MWC’s head office in New Jersey launched an immediate drive by asking the community at large to collect clothing, food items and medical supplies so it could be sent to the victims of the devastating tsunami in Indonesia’s Banda Aceh area. The Greater Washington DC Area office sent out a letter of appeal to all its members and friends as well.  The response was great and over twenty large cartons of clothing were collected, tagged and shipped to New Jersey.

 MWC teamed up with the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to distribute the aid accordingly. American Red Crescent managers were in Indonesia at the time the earthquake hit, and immediately surveyed the areas where the most amount of damage was done. The teams are already in place to distribute your generous donations. 

Pakistan Earthquake Relief

On the morning of October 8, 2005, a devastating earthquake (measured at 7.6 on the Richter scale) hit the northern areas of Pakistan.  (In the northern areas of Pakistan lies the most beautiful countryside.  The breathtaking view of the valleys and the simple villages below used to illustrate how people led a very simple life. ) However, on October 8, 2005, when many Muslims were fasting during Ramadan and many children were on they way to school, their simple lives were turned upside down .  In an instant the beautiful countryside became a victim of one of the most devastating earthquakes that South Asia has experienced in recorded history.  Entire villages and families had been wiped out, with hundreds of children buried alive in their schools.  It was estimated that more than 40,000 people had perished in this earthquake with millions of people left homeless in the rigid winter temperatures in the North. 

In response to this disaster, Muslim Women’s Coalition members in the Greater Washington DC Area collated their resources to raise $10,000 and through the head office in New Jersey sent desperately needed medical supplies to the affected regions. MWC appreciates all the generous effort that went into collecting close to $10, 000 from our friends especially from the Muslims and the interfaith community.  MWC thanks the Arlington Interfaith Council’s members and friends in helping us reach our goal!



“Service to mankind is worship of God” is the MWC motto.


With the help of our members and the response from the Muslim and interfaith community, we were able to raise close to $10,000!

Photo Credit - UN High Commissioner for Refugees - Devastated Girls School in Mansehra (Pakistan)



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