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Spring 2008 MWC delivers baskets to Inova Hospital

Spring 2007 MWC delivers baskets to Inova Hospital


MWC Teen Gift Basket Project with Inova Fairfax Hospital

During the spring of 2006, on April 13th, Muslim Women’s Coalition visited INOVA Fairfax Hospital in VA and donated 24 gifts bags/baskets to the teen patients at INOVA FAIRFAX Hospital.  Leslie Brady (Director of Development at INOVA Fairfax Hospital for Children) received these gift bags on behalf of the teens at INOVA.  MWC members love this project as it is done in conjunction with the MWC youth.  Parts of the hours donated by the youth go toward Community Service programs in their schools.   MWC wants to instill goodwill gesture in their youth through programs such as this.  This is a beautiful way to support the sick and injured kids through in kind donations of items listed below. 

The gift items included:  Nail polishes, lotions, body spray, game cards, hand held games, journals, pocket notebooks, deodorants and pen sets.

Check out the Summer Newsletter 2006 of INOVA FAIRFAX MWC is featured in it!


 "Dear Uzma and the wonderful people at the Muslim Women’s Coalition,

Thank you for taking the time to pot together such

lovely gift bags for the adolescent patients.  Your

group’s generosity truly brightened many hospital

stays.  The teens loved all the great items in the

bags.  On behalf of the adolescent unit at INOVA

Fairfax, thanks for thinking of our hospitalized



Best Regards, Kate Gardner.”  



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