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At a time when religion is under attack in a secular humanist world, it is refreshing to see women reach out to each other to share their faith and grow in spirit.  The Muslim Women's Coalition gives women from diverse religious traditions the opportunity to learn from one another and to work together to promote peace and understanding and to do charitable work.  I have benefited personally from my association with the MWC, and am proud to be part of this interfaith community.   The MWC is a model of what happens when people let religion act as a force for unity rather than a source for conflict. 

-    Colleen Dykema, Distinguished Teacher at Swanson Middle School



The MWC has made great strides in helping me and others in my church to understand and appreciate Islam, as well as to see our similarities and the ways we can come together around common themes. 

-   Connie Ridgway, practitioner of healing arts: LCSW, LMT


MWC interests me, because it’s an organization that allows me to give back to the community we live in; and we make people feel that we accept them regardless of their religious back ground.

-          Asma Gheyoub, MWC member




The MWC is a wonderful sign of hope and faith in our community. MWC fills an essential role in helping the non-Muslim faith communities recognize that our similarities of love, tolerance and compassion form who we are and who we want to be, whatever we call ourselves. Those who have been fortunate enough to meet and hear representatives from MWC recognize that the organization is a model for all, regardless of faith traditions. At the same time, being touched by MWC has helped me better understand and live out my own Christian faith. I am honored to know and learn from MWC and appreciate all that MWC does in the name of peace, justice, and faithful worship.

-          Jim Burke, Member, St Michael's Episcopal Church, The Arlington Interfaith Council, and The Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy



My work focuses on supporting the adolescent population as they cope with hospitalization.  Each year, the Muslim Women's Coalition donates gift bags to the adolescent unit.  It is evident that much time and thought goes into creating these bags, and the patients are always thrilled to receive a thoughtful gift from the community.  Hospitalization can be frightening, lonely, boring and disrupts the normal routine for teens.  Having community groups like MWC acknowledge the adolescent unit at Inova Fairfax Hospital for Children is a wonderful gift for our patients.  


- Kate Gardner, CCLS, Child Life Specialist, Adolescent Unit at
                                    Inova Fairfax Hospital for Children



Congratulations !!! You and the members of the MWC did a wonderful job with showing the most beautiful film I have seen in a long time, and also helping in getting such a diversified gathering together in one evening.  MWC goes beyond helping Muslims, it helps humanity in general. Keep up the good job!

-    Nazish Tareen, MWC member


What really attracted me to MWC is the members’ dedication. And more so the projects MWC has taken on are important because they say that Muslim women really care for the underprivileged and those in need. It’s the volunteers in the world who belong to all faiths that make a difference.

-    Tani, MWC member



Being involved with MWC has been a great source of positive energy for me. It's great to meet and learn from so many different women from so many different cultures and backgrounds, it really has been a great learning experience for me. I am very grateful to be involved with MWC. Thanks for inviting me to be involved in this organization.

- Yasmin Burns, Assistant Teacher in Fairfax County.


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