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Central Asia
In the former Soviet region of Central Asia, many young nations are working to fortify new democracies and restore their cultural and religious heritage. As Central Asian leaders pave new roads for their society, the people continue to struggle against natural dangers, poverty, and the technological disadvantages of developing nations.

  • In 2001, MWC initiated what has become an ongoing campaign for Central Asia. To date, we have conducted several independent efforts to supply local hospitals with much-needed medical equipment and materials.
  • In April 2001, MWC Executive Director Dr. Tasneem Firdaus Shamim personally delivered over $10,000US worth in opthamological supplies to Tashkent University Hospital.
  • In November 2001, MWC delivered over $150,000US in general hospital supplies, collected in large part from American Muslim women in the medical profession.
  • Most recently, MWC delivered over $180,000US in emergency medical supplies to address the severe drought suffered by the people of the Aral Sea region.

Central Asia continues to be a target for MWC’s relief efforts. For more information on our campaigns and how you can help, please visit our Web site at If you are a health professional, please read our detailed “Needs Assessment for Cemtral Asia (2002).”

The conditions of the refugee camps in Afghanistan and drought-stricken regions of Central Asia recur repeatedly as people are forced to endure hardship and times of crisis. Diseases like malaria and typhoid are characteristic, and children are always the greatest sufferers in such times.

The Muslim Women’s Coalition is building bridges with indigent populations every day. Being on the ground affords us the personal contact and flexibility we need to truly address the issues faced by people in need. In Mysore, India, MWC has established an educational institute called “Turabi Manzil,” designed to provide low-income women and children with training and technical skills to help them thrive in the evolving Indian economy. Turabi Manzil was made possible with the cooperation of Azam Baithul Maal and the Mysore Educational, Social and Cultural Organization (MESCO).

In 2001, thousands of Afghans were displaced by the war against the Taliban. Safely relocated in refugee camps in Northern Afghanistan, the Afghans were soon beset by hunger, illness, and risk of exposure. Afghan children were quickly identified by the world’s relief community as being at particular danger under camp conditions.
In response to the emerging crisis, MWC launched a nationwide fundraising campaign in order to purchase the blankets, sanitary and medical supplies of greatest need to the refugees. In collaboration with the Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society, which had exclusive access to deliver supplies through the Friendship Bridge with Afghanistan, we were able to provide over $200,000US in emergency medical supplies to the suffering refugees.
MWC is happy to have been able to aid the Afghans in their time of need. With your support, we can respond more quickly and more effectively in times of crisis. Please read “How You Can Help,” at the end of this leaflet.



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