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"In many muslim countries, it is a tradition that we learned growing up, that people help out those less fortunate in their community. So we wanted to do that in our communities here in America as well" - Uzma Farooq, Regional Director

In 2002 the local chapter launched the pilot program for the Ramadan Baskets. Eight baskets were created for The Arlington Community Temporary Shelter (TACTS) which provides shelter to women and children in crisis.
The program was so sucessful and appreciated that the DC Chapter decided to make it an annual program.

Report of the Gift Baskets for The Arlington County TACTS Services
Keeping with the Islamic tradition of giving charity such as Zakat and Sadaqa; and taking care of the needy especially in the Blessed month of Ramadan, Muslim Women's Coalition wanted to do a project with the community at large. MWC friend Susanna Mcllwaine from United Religions Initiative mentioned TACTS. According to TACTS, The Arlington Community Temporary Shelter, Inc. it "is a private, nonprofit agency assisting abused women and their children and homeless women and families to achieve self-sufficiency. Shelter, food, personal products and services are provided to eligible clients in houses owned and operated by TACTS and through Transitional Housing apartment units. Supportive services are also offered to former shelter residents and women participating in our Community Support Groups and monthly Dinner with Friends. TACTS works with the community to advocate for our clients and to educate the public about domestic violence and homelessness."

MWC met with the Directors of TACTS: Rosanne Campbell, Director of Community Resources and Allison Jones, Director of Transitional Housing Program before the month of Ramadan in their Arlington office. MWC discovered that there were some Muslim women who had come to TACTS for help. They were in need of personal items such as Pediasure for the children, toiletries and other personal care items, towels, pillows etc. to help them move into the temporary housing.

MWC members decided to prepare four large baskets with food items and toiletries, as well as four separate packages of items for Ramadan such as the lunar calendar, prayer books, prayer rugs, prayer beads, socks, hats, gloves, head scarves and pillows and towel set each. By the grace of Allah swt many friends and members of MWC contributed with open hearts and love.

The following is an update on the Ramadan Baskets that were distributed by MWC to The Arlington Community Temporary Shelter, Inc. (TACTS) on Monday, November 25, 2002, a few days before the Thanksgiving Holiday.

In October of 2002, Susanna Mcllwaine of United Religions Initiative (URI) spoke to Uzma in reference to TACTS temporary shelter, as a result of Uzma's communication, we were invited to speak with Rosanne Campbell the Director of TACTS Community resources and Allison Jones the Director of Arlington Community Temporary Shelter, Inc. Transitional Housing Program, in reference to Muslim Women's Coalition's participation in the Arlington County area. As a result of this meeting we were told that the shelter did have Muslim clients and that TACTS would appreciate our participation, because of their lack of knowledge of Islamic customs and religious holidays. Since we were in the month of Ramadan and Thanksgiving was just a few weeks away, we suggested that we would make Ramadan baskets for their Muslim clients and give it to them for distribution during Thanksgiving. As a result of this initiative we are now all of working with TACTS and will participate in the Monthly Dinner program for their clients, which is held monthly at one of the churches, in Arlington County.

Ramadan baskets were made and given to the Arlington Community Temporary Shelter, Inc., which is called TACTS. This shelter is a safehouse for battered women and children as well as an emergency shelter for homeless women and families. TACTS personnel were very happy to received 4 large baskets and 4 large packages, which consisted of Ramadan booklets, calendars, hairbrushes, shampoo, stocking, food items, prayer rugs, socks, gloves, hats, towels and for the children Islamic books, gloves, socks, and towels also. All items were contained in laundry baskets and beautifully wrapped as gift baskets.

Baskets were delivered on Monday, November 24th to TACTS and presented to Allision Jones and one of the Social Workers who were to distribute them to the Muslim clients.

On Thursday, January 16th, the Muslim Women’s Coalition received a NOTE of THANKS from Rosanne Campbell the Director of TACTS Community Resources in reference to MWC’s contribution to the Muslim clients of TACTS. Ms. Campbell stated

“Words are really enough to express our deepest thanks for the support we received from the community to ensure that the families who received aid from TACTS have the basic necessities for everyday life. We are so blessed to be located in such a warm and caring community. So while words are not enough, please accept our thanks for your donation of Ramadan baskets. It has been such a pleasure to work without and on behalf of everyone at TACTS we are very excited about future endeavors. Thank you for all of your support.”


Arrangements have been made to view a dinner, which will be held on Monday, January 27, 2003, at the Clarendon Presbyterian Church located 1305 North Jackson Street in Arlington. Allision Jones the Director of the Arlington Community Temporary Shelter, Inc. (TACTS) Transitional Housing Program will set up a time for some of the members to tour the St. Michael Church site for the upcoming dinner sometime in February.




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