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Group discussions and interactions between different Islamic cultures create an enriching experience for all through the celebration of our beloved Prophet's (may peace and blessings be upon him and his family) birthday called Mawlud.



2010 Milad an-Nabi Mubarak

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2009 Milad an-Nabi Mubarak

On March 1, 2009 our office organized a Mawlid, or celebration of the Prophet Muhammad’s (peace and blessings be upon him; PBUH) birthday. This year we invited various members of our local muslim women's community including the beautiful women from the Indonesian and Pakistani communities, in addition to our youth group. 


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2008 Milad an-Nabi Mubarak

On April 12, 2008 our office organized a Mawlud, or celebration of the Prophet Muhammad’s (peace and blessings be upon him; PBUH) birthday. With over 80 people in attendance - each adorned with rose corsages- this multicultural event included an ensemble of Indonesian women who played hand drums and sang beautiful songs and praises in love of Prophet (PBUH).  A member of the Pakistani-American community, Nazish, retold moving accounts of the Prophet's (PBUH) life from her mother's book. Then our sisters and daughters joined in from the African American Muslim community with songs in English in praise of the Prophet’s (PBUH) beauty.  Later the Pakistani sisters and daughters sang in chorus with the children reciting verses from the Quran and other traditional songs.  At the close of our gathering, sweets were distributed and a variety of dishes were shared with each other with tea.


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Previous Mawluds
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“Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet.

O ye who believe!  Send ye blessings on him and salute him with all respect.”

Quran: Surah Al Ahzab.


The Tradition of celebrating Mawlid an Nabi (s) dates back to the time of the blessed companions of Prophet Mohammad SalAllahu Alaihi Wasalam known as Sahabas. When the Prophet (Allah’s blessings upon him and his blessed family) immigrated to Medinah Sharif he was welcomed with songs in praise of him out of love by the young girls of Ansars:

“The full moon rose over us from the mountains of al-Wada‘!
We must give thanks as long as there remains one who calls unto Allah!” - - Courtesy

The noble birthday of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings upon him and his blessed family) was celebrated in simplicity and love on the 12th Raby al Awwal.  MWC members dedicate this whole month with poems and ode's to our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  It was suggested that we send darud and salawat/praise and blessings upon Prophet Mohammad (s) every night.  Everyone was encouraged to light their homes with festive lights for the entire month and buy new clothes for their children for the 12th.   Sadaqa/acts of charity are a dominant part of the celebration of this month.   MWC introduced a new book called “Mohammad (s) The Messenger of Islam.  His Life and Prophecy” It is told by Hajjah Amina Adel.  Some excerpts were read to motivate the members. 


MWC started a new series in the month of Raby’a al Awwal with a quote of Rasul Allah (Peace and blessings upon him and his family) each day.  This helped inspire the Muslims to lead their lives according to the teachings of their beloved Prophet SalAllahu Alaihi Wasalam.  Friends of MWC sent their stories of how this month is celebrated in their homes around the world.  Magda sent us a detail account of Mawlud an Nabi (s) from Egypt.  Sister Amira related the stories from Bosnian perspective.  We learnt that in Bosnia preparations for Mawlud are done with great respect.  Each night from the 1st of Raby al Awwal to the 12th, different prominent families reserve the celebrations in their homes and send out invitations a full year in advance!  Tasneem Anjum reminisced about Mawlud in Pakistan and told us how it was celebrated in her childhood.  It was also noted that Pakistan and other Muslim countries offered a public holiday on 12th of Raby’ al Awwal the birthday of Prophet Mohammad SalAllahu Alaihi Wasalam.  Charaghan or special festive lights adorn all official buildings in major Muslim cities around the world that night. 


By the grace of Allah swt the first gathering was held at Uzma’s house on May 13th 2003.  Everyone came with a lot of dedication and love to hear stories on the life of Prophet Mohammad SalAllahu Alaihi Wasalam.  Tasneem sang salawat in Punjabi language.  Yasmeen (Tasneem’s daughter) read an interesting hadith.  Rachida Roberts brought her Moroccon flavor and said dua I Tunjena.  The children sang naats and stood in respect when darud and salams were offered.  Farah, Sadia, Yasmeen Burns, Nadia, sister Asma, Riffat and their daughters listened with aqeedat/respect.  Sweets were passed around after offerings of blessings and peace/salam upon Mohammad SalAllahu Alaihi Wasalam.  The following week Tasneem took the lead and invited all her friends and relatives for Mawlud.  It was noted that this year the celebrations of Mawlud an Nabi (s) had taken precedence in many Muslim households.  Alhumdulillah for this great bounty!!!!  May the love of our eternal Prophet (s) live and grow in our hearts ameen sum ameen!   



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