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The Beautiful Names of Allah

From Dunya to Maula (From Here to Hereafter) by Sheikh Nazim al Haqqani



Ar- Rahman

The Beneficent He is the One who wills mercy and good for all creation, at all times, without distinguishing between good and bad, obedient or disobedient, believers or unbelievers. Through His divine justice, He gives chance to everyone to reach everything through this life. He is compassionate and beneficent to all creatures. They all get their share of His mercy and favors, He never refuses it to any creature. That means that in Divine Presence all creatures are equal. Everything was created with His mercy. To be in existence is mercy and to reach His mercy is the highest honor for creatures. Every creature has this feeling to be in existence and to be honored, so that they all say: Subhan Allah! And give their highest respect to their Lord. (pg.89)

Ar- Rahim: The Merciful

He is the One who rewards the good servants, the obedient ones, and believers. That is also signing His justice because who is putting his ego under his feet is not like someone who is under the feet of his ego. Rahman is mercy upon the nafs, and the worlds. Being Rahim is mercy upon the heart, giving eternal salvation in the Hereafter. (pg 89)

As- Salam: The Savior, The Peace

His is absolutely perfect in His essence and attributes, no imperfections with Him. All His works and actions have sense and actions have sense and full of wisdom. Everything happening is full of divine wisdom. He is also the One who saves believers from dangers and troubles. (pg. 90)

Al- Karim: The Generous

In His generosity He gives help, satisfying your needs before you ask, giving without causes and reasons, especially to His servants. His greatest generosity is mercy, through which He forgives when He could punish. (pg.99)

Al- Hakim: The Wise

He is perfectly wise, in His knowledge and His deeds and commands. Whoever follows His commands will learn and evolve towards being a perfect man. His creation is full of His wisdom and harmony. (pg. 100-101).

Al-Wadud: The Loving

He is the One who loves His obedient servants, and the only One worthy oflove .he is the sole Beloved of the soul, because all perfection is in Him. (pg. 101)




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