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Islam and Sufism by Imam Malik
curtsey: Yahya M's Home Page
Imâm Mâlik ibn Anas, one of the most eminent scholars of the second century after the Hijrah, delivered the following aphorism on the relationship between Islamic law and Sufism (tasawwuf):

man tafaqqaha wa-lam yatasawwafa fa-qad tafassaq

'He who learns jurisprudence and neglects Sufism becomes a reprobate;'

wa-man tasawwafa wa-lam yatafaqqaha fa-qad tazandaq

'he who learns Sufism and neglects jurisprudence becomes an apostate;'

wa-man jama`a baynahumâ fa-qad tahaqqaq

'and he who combines both attains the realization of the Truth.'

To which I have appended my own corollary:

wa-man taraka kilayhimâ fa-qad tahammaq

'...and he who neglects both falls into imbecility.'



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