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To address one of the greatest needs for developing countries, in June 2004 MWC’s NJ chapter Coordinated shipping $100,000 worth of medical supplies to Mindanao Islands in the Philippines. This shipment included a mammogram machine, four X-Ray machines, three Carms, an X-Ray table, and other medical accessories. Old computers, books, medicines, clothes and toys were sent as well. In the past, MWC has coordinated with local chapters to send medical supplies to Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

Here are some pictures and a letter from Albert Santoli of the Asia America Initiative.



Albert Santoli, President

1523 16th Street NW

Washington, DC 20036



June 14, 2006


Dr. Tasneem Shamim, MD

Muslim Women’s Coalition

1283 Route 27 

Somerset, NJ


Dear Dr. Shamim:


Greetings of Peace.


Thank you for the ongoing partnership in humanitarian projects between the Asia America Initiative and the Muslim Women’s Coalition. We have now been working together since 2002 to provide much needed life saving medicines and medical supplies to impoverished and war-torn Muslim Mindanao in the Philippines and earthquake relief to Pakistan. Our extended partnerships have includes the American Jewish Community, and the Tzu Chi Buddhist Benevolent Foundation, as well as Catholic universities in Manila and Notre Dame College in the Philippines. Our inter-Faith coalitions have proven that we are brought together rather than divided by our respective faiths. 


Our example of good people working together with mutual respect is a needed example to overcome the hatred and suffering caused by intolerance that dominates the world today. Whenever we have a project in need, we never hesitate to contact each other. We have always tried our best to assist each other on behalf of those in need.


I am once again grateful for the $2,000 donation that MVC provided to the Asia America Initiative in support of the $290,000 [wholesale] of children's and OB/GYN medicines I recently brought to Muslim Mindanao in the Philippines. These medicines are under the control of our partner, Dr. Fahra Tan Omar, the provincial health director in Sulu and head doctor of the regional hospital. I understand that the origin of the funds was the American Jewish Congress organization. We are very grateful to them. 


May God bless you and all our partners in your dedication to serving humanity.



Albert Santoli

 President, AAI





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