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Press Release: October 24 2004 Ramadan Basket
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For Immediate Release

MWC Local Office For The Greater Washington DC Area.

October 24, 2004


Contact: Uzma Farooq


Muslim women launch Ramadan charity projects in a concerted effort to help the needy in the month of Ramadan


Greater Washington, DC Area –Ramadan is a blessed month (9th lunar month) for Muslims in which every Muslim strives to please God, by fasting, saying extra prayers, contemplating on inner qualities, making an effort to be better humans and helping others.  As fasting and charity go hand in hand, the dedicated members of Muslim Women’s Coalition have committed yet another year of service to the community they live in.


Regional director of the Greater Washington, DC office, Uzma Farooq launched the Ramadan Basket project in 2002.  After two years of serving the needy of the community during the blessed month of Ramadan by providing them Ramadan Baskets, MWC has taken up two additional projects and shelters in 2004.  This year we hope to serve over a hundred individuals by providing 70-80 baskets of hope, love and goodwill to not only the women and their children in abused women’s shelters (Arlington Community Shelter called TACTS, Bethany House of Northern Virginia, and LAWS Loudon Abused Women’s Shelter), but also to sick teens at INOVA Fairfax Hospital and to the elderly community of the mosque ‘Masjid Mohammed’ in DC. 


Our aim is to connect the resources of the community to where the need is in a short period of time.  It is a simple policy.  The need-list is prepared in conjunction with the request made to MWC.  All members collect items that are new and are either boxed, canned, bottled or packaged.  After the inventory of each item is recorded, many MWC members get together to make baskets according to the demographics of the families provided. MWC’s Ramadan Committee is dedicated to making this endeavor a success. All members are devoting extra hours after taking care after their family needs, fasting, and working to help promote this worthy cause.


MWC’s younger members are working on the INOVA Fairfax Hospital project for the teens. During the month of Ramadan, our MWC teens are busy collecting items on the list and will deliver it to the hospital in the first week of November 2004.  The Masjid Mohammed project requires a list that illustrates the special dietary concerns for the elderly.  Community members are encouraged to donate Ensure liquid diet for the baskets for this project.  We also need warm clothing items such as hats, gloves and socks etc.  Baskets for the elders at Masjid Mohammed and the shelters will be made on the 6th of November 2004 and delivered the following Monday and Tuesday.


Muslim Women’s Coalition is a non-profit (non-political) charitable organization that stands alone on its merit for helping others in their need without any distinction in religion, race or ethnicity. This unique platform allows the community to come together in the true spirit of giving and caring for those in need. Please view MWC’s website for other reach-out and interfaith programs.


For more imformation, or to be available for photographic opportunities, please contact Uzma Farooq with the contact information provided above.





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