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American Red Crescent managers were in Indonesia at the time the earthquake hit, and immediately surveyed the areas where the most amount of damage was done. The teams are already in place to distribute your hard-earned donations.
Salaams and Hello to  everyone,
The boxes for shipping to Indonesia's Banda Aceh area, can be dropped off at Mr. Doshi's place, at 2 Oak street, New Brunswick NJ. This is very close to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. Please call him before you drop off items. His cell number is 732-895-7040. and let me know too via Email or telephone(732-873-1775), so I try to meet you. He said week days between 9 and 10 AM are OK or Saturday between 1 and 2 PM>
The other collection place is at a warehouse in Secaucus and the contact there is:

American Red Crescent Society
600 Meadow Land Parkway # 22c
Secaucus, NJ 07094

Can drop off between 9am and 5 pm
Please call Amjad before drop off @ (201) 394-4403

Please  make sure the boxes are labeled i.e. Sumbul (MWC) box 1, 2 etc with all the list of items in the boxes and Email me a copy of that list. If you prefer you may, leave a copy at Doshi's place. This is necessary for customs purpose, since we are collecting so many boxes from so many different sources. If you would like the children involved with the project, you may ask them to get a book bags, and collect notebooks, pencils pens art supply etc. and make boxes of them.
Thanks so much again,
Executive Director, Muslim Women's Coalition

The Caravan of Hope project sponsored by MWC.

The tsunami relief poster from Union County.

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