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Dear friends,


On the morning of October 8th 2005, a devastating earthquake (measured at 7.6 on Richter Scale) hit the northern areas of Pakistan.  (In the north of Pakistan lay the most beautiful countryside.  It had breathtaking views of villages in the valleys and on hills and where people led a very simple life.  The infrastructure was remote with hospitals few and far in between.)  That day many were fasting for Ramadan and many children were already in school.  In an instant that beautiful countryside became a victim of one of the most devastating earthquake that South Asia has ever known.  Villages upon villages and families upon families have been wiped out, with hundreds of children buried alive in their schools.  So far it is estimated that more than 40,000 people may have perished in this earthquake with millions becoming homeless in the rigid winter temperatures in the North. 


 “Service to mankind is worship of God” is the MWC motto.  Since the magnitude of devastation is so vast in Pakistan, we have decided to help raise funds for reconstruction for the victims of the Pakistan earthquake this Ramadan.   A check from MWC will be given to the Pakistan Embassy for the President’s Relief Fund.  Visit our website @ to view the various charity projects MWC has done both in our local communities and internationally.  Help us with your generous heart!


Muslim Women's Coalition is a grass roots Nonprofit (nonpolitical) charitable organization that stands alone on its merit for helping others in their need without any distinction in religion, race or ethnicity.   This unique platform allows the community to come together in the true spirit of giving and caring for those in need.   MWC has a 501 (c) 3 status.

How can you help?

  1. Inform your friends, colleagues and other organizations and groups that would be interested in donating funds.
  2. Help channel your group’s efforts with ours. 
  3. If your company would like to match every dollar we get, please do let us know. 
  4. Make donations in the name of your loved ones this time if you have already donated. 
  5. Make checks payable to MWC.  Write “For Pakistan Earthquake Relief” in the memo section.  Mail to: MWC 1283, Route 27 Somerset NJ 08873

Contact us for more information:

Dr Tasneem (NJ) email: Riverarc@AOL.COM Telephone: 732-545-8833

Uzma Farooq (DC. Metro Area) email: Uzmaa@Aol.Com Telephone: 703-241-1021

Zulfiqar Ahmed (DC. Metro Area) email: Telephone: 703 –255-3912



Thanks and may God bless you,

Uzma Farooq


Muslim Women’s Coalition

Letter from Major Javed Iqbal

ATTN: Dr. Tasneem Firdaus Shamim,                                                                        


Dear Madam,


            Please accept our heartiest gratitude and appreciation for collection of the donation of medicines.

            As per instructions of Dr. Waheed Akbar and Mr. Altaf M. Saleem, all the medicines have been distributed equally as under:-

1.                 PRCS Punjab

2.                 Dr. Noaman Siddique in Abottabad through the Abbottonians Medical Association (AMA)

3.                 Dr. Amjad Gulzar at INOR in Abottabad for use in the ortho Clinic / Surgical patients

4.                 Prof. Saleem Ahmed at RGH Rawalpindi


The medicines received by PRCS Punjab will be utilized in its Field Hospital based at Garhi Doppatta, AJ&K. This hospital is providing all kind of medical services to the earthquake victims of Garhi Doppatta and its surroundings. The total number of patients being attended is about 250-300 daily. Your valued donation will no doubt play a vital role to redress the sufferings of the humanity in the earthquake disastrous areas.

I would like to have more information about your organization.

            Thanking you for your kind cooperation and assistance in a noble cause and hoping for the same gesture in future too.







                                                                                                MAJ. (R)

                                                                                                JAVED IQBAL



CC to: Dr. Waheed Akbar










Reply to the letter
Dear Major Javed Iqbal,
Allahamdullilah, that the medicines that we sent with the help of Al Santoli and Dr. Akbar  will be put to use directly for the earthquake victims. Inshallah, our intention is to organize another shipment in about 3 months, once our interested MWC members have had a chance to collect more money for this project. Mr. Santolli has graciously agreed to help coordinate the next shipment  when we are ready.
As for the information regarding Muslim Women's Coalition, it is a 501c3 charity organization that was set up from Dec 2001, based on the mission statement of Surah Al Asr, that we should do good, enjoin others to do good with truth and perseverance with the sole motive of pleasing Allah. We have different offices throughout USA, with the head office being in NJ. The other offices in Virginia, Texas, New Mexico, California have also been very active in different local and international projects. Our aim is to have capable, similar minded  women being able to lead in different states.
In addition to this project, we have done project with medical shipment to Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Mindenov Island (Phillipines), Indonesia. We  have helped in an orphanage in Indonesia and a school in India. We also do a lot of local projects, like interfaith bridge building, distribution of food, clothing, toys to our local communities respectively. All this is being done on a strictly voluntary basis, and hence have no overhead. I hope this gives you a little idea about what we do.
You may visit our website at for more information. Each of the offices periodically posts its activities!
Sincerely yours,
Tasneem Firdaus Shamim

Pictures from Pakistan

Daily life continues, but destruction can still be seen in the background.

Many people were forced to move into small huts.

The smiling faces of children happy to receive help.

The Asia Initiative

Al Santoli of the Asia Initiative and Dr. Shamim.

Al Santoli receiving the check to thank the Asia Initiative for their help.

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