Hurricane Sandy Relief

Assalaamualaykum to everybody,

Inshallah, everyone is doing well, and swimming well in the stream of life. We at the MWC thought that helping the victims of Sandy Storm will be a good year-end project. With that in mind, we identified the Gateway Church of Staten Island as our conduit to work together to help the 26,000 families in need. Some of the pictures from our first visit are below.

We contacted Jenny Wilen, the coordinator of the efforts to distribute aid to the families involved, and met with her on Dec 15, 2012. She had requested a collection of new under garments of all sizes that were very much needed by the affected people. We were very happy to makeĀ  a collection of three big boxes for the victims. We decided that we will be in close contact with her for the collection and distribution of goods for the next few months. The families that are identified by FEMA as people in need, and have a FEMA ID number, come to the church weekly with a list of items that they need. These are put together on Saturday mornnings with a group of volunteers from the donated goods that are stored in a huge warehouse at the church, and given to the families.

The items stored range from generators, to dehumidifiers, to household items and food. Currently, there is a need for house cleaning products, paper towels and paper products, and dehumifiers. Please contact us via email or drop off the supplies at the MWC office at 1283 Highway 27, Somerset NJ 08873 if you would like to help. Please let us know if you or any teenaged kids would like to volunteer on Saturdays for a few hours for projects like distribution of needed items, gathering the items, or physically going to clean the damaged houses.

May Allah bless you all.

Sincerely yours,

Tasneem F Shamim
Razia Shaikh
Shahnaz Qazi






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